You compete for assets on the basis of your proprietary investment processes and the value you add to the assets entrusted to you. You know these processes forwards and backwards, you diagram and detail them in every RFP, and your clients select you because they believe in your ability to reliably and accurately execute them. Your clients retain you because you consistently show them where, when and how well their assets succeeded. However, in many circumstances, a critical element has been overlooked: measurement of the process’ performance and risk. Without an accurate, timely, single source of truth, a manager cannot confidently demonstrate either the viability prior or the value added after.

威尼斯国际官方登录’s consultants and subject matter experts have deep and long experience helping asset managers and owners through the entire performance and risk development cycle, from designing bespoke attribution methodologies through user acceptance testing and go-live. We are intimately familiar with all available vendor solutions and can guide you confidently through RFP, selection, and proof-of-concept.

Performance will stress and challenge your data like no other application; our data management and analysis teams focus relentlessly on quality, integration, provenance and transformation to ensure the most efficient and surprise-free implementation. We understand the criticality of detailed and complete operational models, processes and controls, and will help you design and construct these in contexts from boutique to global.