A wealth manager with over $20 billion AUM was replacing legacy technology with a new reporting platform. Over the course of 15 years, the legacy platform acquired additional functionality: security master, internal reporting, order management, rebalancing, OCC Reg-9 compliance, analytics, proposal generation and performance reporting. Virtually all aspects of the business were impacted including investment and wealth management, trust accounting operations, middle office, compliance and sales.

The client engaged 威尼斯国际官方登录 to manage the planning and implementation of the new data warehouse reporting platform, including upstream and downstream impact across the enterprise.


威尼斯国际官方登录 coordinated participation across all business segments, including operations, middle office, performance, sales, IT and compliance, all while reporting directly to the firm’s executive leadership team.

威尼斯国际官方登录 unwound 15 years of customizations across several dozen interfaces. As analysis proceeded, inefficiencies surfaced. Issues such as duplication of data and effort, lack of ownership and insufficient licensing were traced by establishing data lineage and downstream impact for all elements in the new data warehouse and reporting platform.  威尼斯国际官方登录 identified new business roles and consolidated business functions to improve data and process governance.


Through the establishment of multiple working and oversight groups, 威尼斯国际官方登录 fostered a culture of collaboration and communications.

威尼斯国际官方登录 analyzed over 70 client-facing exhibits and mapped all data elements back to origin, through the data warehouse.

Working with IT, 威尼斯国际官方登录 developed the future state technical architecture, including interfaces to SalesForce, eMoney, FirstRate, BondEdge, Morningstar, and FIS Global Plus.

威尼斯国际官方登录 developed detailed implementation plans for both the data warehouse and the new reporting platform.

Working with internal PMO, 威尼斯国际官方登录 ran the implementation efforts, including design, oversight of development, and testing.

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